Psychologist Tim Kasser to Visit Yale-NUS College in August 2016

28 July 2016Professor Tim Kasser, Professor of Psychology at Knox College and an expert on materialism, well-being and post-consumer futures, spent one week visiting Yale-NUS College in late August 2016 as a guest of the Environmental Studies programme, with support from the programme in Psychology.

Professor Kasser, perhaps most noted for his book The High Price of Materialism, spoke in three classes, met with faculty and students at separate receptions in his honor, and consulted with over a dozen students and faculty about their research and studies during his visit.  Professor Kasser repeatedly remarked on the quality of questions he received, and the piercing curiosity of the students.

One welcome consequence of Professor Kasser’s visit is renewed excitement over future faculty-hires that might capitalize on synergies between Environmental Studies and Psychology.  Another impact: several 4th year students have refined their capstone projects in light of the Kasser’s advice and insight about the research process.

Thank you, Professor Tim Kasser, for a truly fantastic visit!  As of this writing (late October 2016), many of us continue to refer to your writings and talks as part of our teaching and learning at Yale-NUS College.