Affiliated Faculty

Valentina Zuin (Urban Studies)

Why Environmental Studies?
I am interested in making cities more livable and sustainable, especially for the poor. I am especially intrigued by water and sanitation planning and policies, informality, slum upgrading and sustainable urban service provision in developing country settings. I often find myself working with students at the intersection of urban studies and environmental studies, often around the role that informal provisioning and local knowledge can play in improving water, sanitation, and waste policies and practices to make cities healthier, especially for the poor. My research and teaching are influenced by ten years of living and working in developing countries cities in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and South Asia, usually in association with varied international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), multilateral donors, and developing country governments.
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Teaching Subjects

  • Cities of the Global South
  • Healthy and Resilient Cities
  • Water & Waste in Urban Environments
  • Methods in the Social Sciences