ES Courses for AY 2018-19

Note to Students: If a current syllabus or other detailed information isn’t yet available for a module of interest, please check back later.  Also see course information from recent years; in many instances, course plans for 2018-19 will mirror syllabi from prior years.


Semester One (August – December 2018)

1000 level courses: No courses offered

2000 Level Courses

3000 level courses

4000 level courses


Semester Two (January – May 2019)

1000 level courses

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies (Maniates)

2000 Level Courses

  • Ecology and Ecosystems (Van Breugel)
  • Foundations of Environmental Humanities (Schneider-Mayerson)
  • Modeling a Dynamic World (Saxena) [preliminary course-proposal form].  While listed as a 3000-level course, this module will also meet 2000-level course requirements for the major in environmental studies.

3000 level courses

  • Another World is Possible: Ecotopian Visions (Schneider-Mayerson)
  • Environment, Development, and Mobilisation in Asia (Yew)
  • Field Methods (Tan).  Listed as a Science module (YSC2235) but will satisfy, where relevant, the methods requirement or an area-of-specialisation requirement for Estudies majors.
  • China’s Energy and Sustainability Challenge (Hsu)
  • Climate Science and Policy (Hsu)
  • Modeling a Dynamic World (Saxena)
  • Special Topics: Himalayan Diversities: Environment, Livelihood and Culture (Saxena)
  • Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production (Maniates)
  • Water and Waste in Urban Environments (Zuin).  Listed as an Urban Studies module but will be relevant to the area of specialisation of many EStudies majors.

4000 level courses)