ES Courses for AY 2019-20

Note to Students: A current syllabus or other detailed information is available for each module via the hyperlink on the name of the course.  If the course name isn’t hyperlinked, an earlier syllabus is made available via the italicized link following the name of and instructor for the module.  Also visit the Canvas repository of course information once it becomes available, remembering that almost all courses in environmental studies are listed under the “Interdisciplinary” link.


Semester One (August – December 2019)

1000 level courses

2000 Level Courses

3000 level courses

4000 level courses


Semester Two (January – May 2019)

1000 level courses

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies (Professor Montefrio)

2000 Level Courses:

  • TBD

3000 level courses:

4000 level courses

  • Senior Capstone Seminar (coordinator: Professor Hsu)